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Challenger of the Week: Landon (RW: Philadelphia)

2017.01.17 07:40 KazmaG101 Challenger of the Week: Landon (RW: Philadelphia)
Challenge Contestant: Landon Lueck
Original Show: The Real World Season: 15- Philadelphia
1st Challenge: RW/RR Challenge: The Inferno 2 Team: Good
Guys, Place: Winner
Last Challenge: The Challenge: Freshmeat 2 Partner: Carley Johnson, Place: Winner
Challenge Appearances: 4 Challenge Wins: 3 Eliminations: wins 5; loses 1
History: Landon was a guy that if you looked at him, you think he was a jock that played a lot of sports. It was true that he was a great athlete, but didn’t want that to be his typecasting. Landon began his journey on MTV with his season of The Real World in Philly. There he met six other strangers that were picked to live in Philly fro the next few months. Landon was viewed as a nice guy who wasn’t the dumb jock people think he was. Not only that, he ended a long term relationship with his girlfriend from high school and was kind of a drunk at times while on the show. The surprising moment for Landon was his confession of having feelings for Shavonda and they did the deed while vacationing in Fiji. These were just the memorable moments of Landon, but would soon show his athletic abilities on The Challenge.
Landon was the only person from his season to make the most appearances on the show. Landon came on season ten The Inferno 2 (2005) where it was teams against teams. The format changed for the inferno as it was good guys vs. bad asses. Landon was placed on the good guy team since he was viewed as one of the nicest guys from his season. He wasn’t the only one from his season on the show as his former hookup Shavonda, and roommate Karamo made their first and only appearance on The Inferno 2. Shavonda was on the good guys team while Karamo was on the bad ass team. Both teams consist of 5 males and females against each other for money each mission. For eliminations, a team would choose someone from the other team to go into the inferno. Landon and his team didn’t do so well in the beginning, but they pulled through. Though the team was shrinking in numbers, Landon was a trooper in the missions, elimination, and partying. Landon didn’t have much of a target on his back since the bad ass team kept going for Mike “The Miz” (RW: Back to New York) to go in the inferno, but Landon save Mike once with the life shield and took out Karamo. The next elimination Landon went up against Dan (RW: Miami) and won. He was the rookie that no one could beat. There were two moments that made Landon memorable and that was the rope mission by going over 30 feet in the air. The other was him getting into a fight with Derrick (RR: X-Treme) and getting a bit of his head shaved off. He then went from having curly hair to a bold head. As for Shavonda, he didn’t make any form of a connection with her while on the show. Landon didn’t have to worry since he made it to the end with three other cast members. The Miz, Darrell (RR: Campus Crawl), and Jamie (RW: San Diego). With good guys having four and bad asses with seven, the bad asses could’ve taken down the good guys. Even if they did, the good guys made the most money from the missions. But it was the good guys who were triumphant and won the challenge. Landon being happy was glad that he won his first challenge and couldn’t wait for his next one and that being next season.
Landon would come back next season of the challenge: The Gauntlet 2 (2005-06). After coming off his first challenge, he was still considered a rookie and was on the rookie team. Like he said he was worried for the vets. on not breaking a hip. Landon didn’t deal with much drama and did well in the challenges. Never once was he sent into the Gauntlet since he was viewed as a strong competitor with a win. With much hard work, Landon and his team made it to the end with a good amount of people. For a moment like this, it could go either way, but it was the vets who made the biggest mistake ever in challenge history. The rookies played it safe and bet not so many tokens; unlike the vets, who placed all their tokens on the eating part of the final. Landon was placed in the running final but it didn’t happened since the vets. lost to the rookies in the eating challenge. So Landon won his season challenge by default; however, he was viewed as a strong guy every mission. It would be quite awhile till Landon would make his next appearance and he came back on The Dual 2 (2009). Landon was never a threat to anyone and worked along with his alliance and partner for almost every mission (really every mission) Brittini (RW: Hollywood). He was sent in against Isaac (RW: Sydney) only because Isaac was mad at Landon for clipping off his long toenail. Isaac was sent home and proved why Landon was unstoppable or so we thought. It was coming close to the end and there was one more duel before the final and TJ came in with a twist that someone had to go in immediately. So the guys and girls would vote on who to send in. But Evan (Freshmeat) told Mark (RR: Season 1) and Brad (RW: San Diego) to vote in Landon to save himself and them. Looks like Evan took a page from Wes’s (RW: Austin) book because it worked and London was voted in, but he chose who he wanted to go up against and that was Brad. It was one for the record books cause it was friend vs friend, ally vs ally, strong guy vs. strong guy. It was very close from both ends, but Brad took Landon out by a few seconds. This meant that golden boy Landon was defeat, but not out yet.
Landon decided to do one more challenge and that was Freshmeat 2 (2010). To that of Freshmeat 1, alumni from The Real World, Road Rules, and Freahmeat would choose from new blood coming on the show. Landon was the last guy to pick and was given Carley. They were looked at as a dark horse and did well in the challenge and eliminations. This was the season where it wasn’t focused on everyone, but which side were you on. Kenny (Freshmeat) and Wes had been enemies for quite sometime and this was where the house was been divided. Landon was given offers from Kenny and Wes to be on their side because of strength in numbers. They know that Landon is a strong guy and be an asset to whichever side when it comes to the challenges. In the end, Landon was playing both sides and made it to the end. Of course, Landon and Carley were sent in exile twice and eliminated their competition: CJ (RW: Cancun) & Sydney, and Evelyn (Freshmeat) & Luke. This just help them both on making it to the end and giving Landon another chance at winning another final. Yes, Landon had to help Carley somewhat, but that lead to winning this season of the challenge. Being viewed as a team that wouldn’t make it far, they did prove themselves. As for Landon, he left a big mark on the challenge as an underdog, challenge vet, and one of the strongest competitors on the show and from The Real World.
After the Challenge: Freshmeat 2 wasn’t the last time we saw Landon as he made an appearance on The Spring Break Challenge (2010) where he was paired with college students and went up against other groups of college students lead by former alums of The Challenge. Landon made it halfway and didn’t win. He has done modeling for a short time. As of Now, Landon is a Dental Equipment and Technology Specialist and has his cute curly hair back. Lastly he got married a few years back with his girlfriend and living life happily. So what do you think about Landon? Should he come back for another challenge? Was he played by Evan on The Duel 2? And is he better with or without hair? Let me know in the comments below and let me know how should be the challenger of the week.
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